Checking your stocks & crypto should be easy.

I hated logging into my brokers' sites and apps to check my investments.

Stocketa is a premium portfolio tracker that aims to simplify this task. It won’t do it all, but it does a few things well.

Made with care by Stammy.

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Add your shares

Log your purchases and sales manually, specify cost basis method and more.

Stocketa App: Add stock transactions via form

Import holdings

Have a bunch of transactions to add? Import a simple spreadsheet file.

Stocketa App: Import stock transactions via TSV/spreadsheet file

Track your shares

Add your shares and transactions to keep an eye.

Stocketa App: Stock holdings performance view

Privacy first

Sometimes it's the things you don't see that matter the most.

  • Sign in with Apple

    We don’t request your name or email—we don’t need it and we don't want it.

  • Encrypted data & DNS

    Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. DNS encrypted with your own connection or via NextDNS.

  • No analytics

    We don't use any analytics services to track you or monitor your usage.

  • Face ID support

    Lock it up!

  • It's a fancy spreadsheet

    We don’t connect to your broker or financial accounts. We only know what you provide via form or import.


Get a glimpse of how your holdings are doing with the holdings card.

Transaction details

See which purchases performed best with per-transaction gain/loss stats.


Effortlessly keep track of your holdings right on your homescreen.

Coming soon

Daily report

Receive configurable daily alerts of your holdings performance.

Coming soon
Stocketa App: Stock News view

Check the news

For when you're wondering why that stock spiked today or you're researching a new investment.

Stocketa App: Stock Details view

At a glance

Tap any stock to see a preview of holding details and stock stats at a glance.

Make it yours

Change app icons

We know how personal your home screen is so we have extra app icons to choose from.

Your stocks, your way

Want your stocks compact? Only want to show percent stats? We got you.

Full U.S. market coverage

Track any U.S. stock or security with data provided by IEX.

Automatic stock splits

Automatic updates for new stock splits... smarter than your spreadsheet.

More on the way.

We're just getting started and have more enhancements planned.